Juventas Röntgentisch Anduro 2


Röntgentisch mit Kassettenlade


Veterinary x-ray table – ANURO 2 XR-SLIDE is an x-ray table with an integrated movable drawer. The table has a steel construction, coated with powder paint resistant to chipping and scratching. The table top is made of 8 mm thick HPL, transparent for X-rays. Under the table there is a mobile drawer covered with an anti-slip mat, 60x65x3 cm, which makes it possible to place an X-ray cassette/detector in it.

The table has an electrically height-adjustable table top measuring 130×60 cm. The base has four castors with a diameter of 16 cm.  The height adjustment range of the table is 40-110 cm. Under the table on the right side there is a system of stainless steel manoeuvres for easy adjustment of the table height. A battery located in the base of the table facilitates height adjustment without the need to plug the table into an electrical socket.

Slides technology used for movable drawer in our table

Unlike re-circulating ball bearing guides that roll, linear bearings & assemblies used in our table are engineered to slide. Sliding elements made of high-performance, self-lubricating plastics allow the linear bearing assembly to be maintenance-free and resistant to external influences. The special materials also allow the linear bearings to run extremely quietly. This system is quiet, lightweight, dirt and corrosion resistant.


Features of the table:

• linear actuator with permissible load of 200 kg
• steel base, covered with powder coated paint resistant to chipping and scratching
• 4 casters with locking mechanism
• 16mm HPL plate or polycarbonate transparent plate
• drawer (60x65x3cm) for an x-ray detector or a cassette


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