Control-X Zoomax White


Premium Röntgensystem mit verschiebbarer Röntgenröhre


The Zoomax White Veterinary Radiographic System consists of a four-way floating table top radiographic table, a travelling tube stand and variable SID. It is ideal for taking all types of exposures including short SID shots of very small animals. It is also a perfect solution for oblique exposures.


  • The hospital grade quality of the ZooMax White Veterinary X-ray system features a four-way floating tabletop and an integrated tube stand;
  • The counterbalanced tube stand is mounted to the veterinary patient table for compact installation;
  • The Integrated Stand features 70 cm vertical and +/- 90° rotational tube movement allowing variable SID straight and oblique exposures;
  • An automatic coupling device ensures centralized and synchronized movement between the X-ray tube and detector for perfectly aligned vertical exposures. The automatic coupling can be easily released for oblique examinations with the angulated X-ray tube;
  • All generator controls are located on the tube head, allowing X-ray parameters as well as positioning of the patient to be controlled and performed tableside;
  • Available with extended floor rails, enabling exposures on standing patients next to the table base.