Control-X Zoomax Lift


Röntgensystem mit höhenverstellbarem Tisch


  • Both tub and walls stand are counterbalanced and designed with “easy-glide” effortless movement for vertical and horizontal (tube stand only) travels. Vertical movement of the stands is locked electromagnetically, enabling precise positioning for accurate exposures of the head and lower extremities. The wall stand grid cabinet or bucky is compatible with cassette size DR panels;
  • Phoenix 1 or Vetelev elevating, 4-way floating table top radiographic table provides both flexibility and comfort for operator;
  • Dedicated wall stand can be for standing/upright studies;
  • All tube stand controls are centrally located at the X-ray tube, and the wall stand controls at the operating side of the grid cabinet or bucky. A convenient console with (optional) digital angle display supports trouble free beam positioning.