Control-X Zoomax Equine


Deckengeführtes motorisiertes Röntgensystem für die Großtierklinik


Control-X Medical’s ZooMax Equine Radiographic System is installed in leading US, German and Scandinavian veterinary university clinics. The single, dual or triple overhead telescope system is highly versatile and provides the perfect diagnostic imaging solution for large animal health centers. It allows for every desired exposure, from the hoof to the head of the patient.

Our extensive experience in the field of radiography ensures that consistent, high-resolution images will be achieved by the heavy-duty system that is safe, efficient and user-friendly. The powerful high frequency generator – matched with the corresponding x-ray tube(s) – provides high quality results even in cases of difficult lung or abdominal examinations involving high tissue densities.

  • Two heavy-duty overhead telescopes for the X-ray tube and the detector;
  • All positioning movements can be done effortlessly and quietly, without disturbing the patient, thanks to electromagnetic brakes which control longitudinal, transversal and vertical movements of the system including
  • Motorized vertical movement of the slave (receptor) telescope;
  • Automatic alignment/tracking of the slave (receptor) telescope to the manual vertical movements of the master (tube) telescope;
  • Standard lateral motorization of the slave (receptor) telescope;
  • Optional longitudinal motorization of the master (x-ray tube) telescope;
  • Extreme low-position of the tube (10 cm beam centre-to-floor distance) with special rotational tube mount for hoof exposures;
  • Both overheads have control boxes with brake releases for all telescope movements and for rotational movement around horizontal and vertical axes;
  • Push-button for collimator light-field on control boxes;
  • Display of SID for vertical and horizontal exposures as well as of tube rotation angles;
  • High-power output generator and matching X-ray tube.

The ZooMax Equine system is also available in a three-telescope configuration consisting of a master-slave tube-receptor telescope pair and a „free” x-ray tube which