Control-X Z-Motion


Vollmotorisiertes Schwenkbügel-Röntgensystem


The Z-Motion fully motorized, free-standing single detector general purpose radiographic system combines exceptional versatility, cutting edge technology and flexibility in an extremely space-conscious format. It is a Hungarian Product Grand Prize winner and a customer favourite. The Z-Motion convinces medical professionals with crystal clear X-ray images and high patient throughput.

  • Recommended floor space requirement of 7 m2 and a minimum ceiling height of 2,4 m – the stand can fit even into the smallest examination room;
  • Fully motorized with preset positions for fast and convenient workflow;
  • Fully counterbalanced construction features manual override functionality – a key distinguishing feature compared to other U-arm systems;
  • Best-in-class (100-200 cm) SID range and 125 cm vertical movement;
  • Auto-stitching for full-spine or full-leg procedures with constant focus point (2 or 3 frames);
  • Specialist for oblique studies: the arm and tube assembly move in the full 180° range and the detector pivots an additional 90°;
  • Built with low impact motors for maximum patient safety, which is also ensured by proximity sensors tasked with preventing collisions.compatibility with a selection of high-quality X-ray tubes and DR panels;
  • 3 different system control tools
  • touch screen console which conveniently shifts from portrait to landscape mode as the arm rotates. Preset positions and the stitching workflow can easily be activated using the touch screen;
  • wireless remote control which fully operates the stand;
  • detector-side keypad facilitates positioning at patient-side such as detector height adjustment for chest exposures. The keypad also provides X-ray grid status feedback and system warning signals;
  • 2 key accessories: and the Stitching stand:
  • Z-Table is optimal for lateral exposures with a short source-image distance. It is portable with large castors to ensure easy manoeuvrability. Its four-way radiographic table top has mechanical brakes so there is no need for a power cord;
  • Stitching stand is recommended to reduce patient movement and achieve optimal image quality. Its use contributes to high patient comfort and safety. The stand’s handles are adjustable and it is easily manoeuvrable on four castors.